Rough McKean-Vlasov dynamics for robust ensemble Kalman filtering


Motivated by the challenge of incorporating data into misspecified and multiscale dynamical models, we study a McKean-Vlasov equation that contains the data stream as a common driving rough path. This setting allows us to prove well-posedness as well as continuity with respect to the driver in an appropriate roug h path topology. The latter property is key in our subsequent development of a robust data assimilation methodology. We establish propagation of chaos for the associated interacting particle system, which in turn is suggestive of a numerical scheme that can be viewed as an extension of the ensemble Kalman filter to a rough-path framework. Finally, we discuss a data-driven method based on subsampling to construct suitable rough path lifts and demonstrate the robustness of our scheme in a number of numerical experiments related to parameter estimation problems in multiscale contexts.